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Raptor Dev Diary #3: More Audio And Video

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Oi, Raptor!  Been four business days since we saw you -- what's new?

The short list of new stuff shown in this video:

* Improved post-processing visual effects.

* Improved raptor skin.

* Completely re-rigged and freshly animated raptor.

* A couple of glitches there, though, most notably in the walk animation.

* Completely new sound system based on SECTR Audio and a bunch of custom stuff.  HDR audio!

* Revised sound effects for many things, new sound effects for many things including the raptor, and things like reverb zones.

* More stuff is destructible now, and you can see how that actually affects level traversal in some places (much nicer than getting stuck on geometry).

What's next?

* More splitting-out of the various assets and prepping them for procedural generation systems.

* The first foray into procedural levels with real content.

* Custom audio occlusion based on my occlusion culling system.

* Custom ambient sounds attached to objects (hissing pipes, etc) based on the SECTR Audio stuff, but distinct from it.

* Particle effects!

* Better vocalization sounds for the raptor, probably.

* Putting all these new things together in the form of actual enemies to fight that use all of these subsystems together.

Other important news?

* Linux support is a definite thing now!

* Previously we were considering using dearVR, which includes some compiled platform-specific code that does not run on linux yet.

* Instead we've opted not to get that product, and are instead achieving the same thing using a mixture of SECTR Audio, our own custom code, and good use of Unity's own built-in reverb zone capabilities.  No platform-specific compiled code makes me a happy fella.

New Screenshots (click for really detailed versions!):
1. Running With Claws Out

2. Jumping Threateningly
3. Smash - And Cool Glass Shader
4. Dramatic Pose And Detail
5. Raptor's Body Detail
6. Depth Of Field And Detail On Closeup Box

Really looking nice!

The feel I get is a bit like this...without the guns...or blood...or aliens...but the aesthetic I get and the movement in 2D feels similar as well.

What I most felt though as I saw the dinosaur was: I want to sprint fast and tear my enemies to pieces before scurrying away. In other words a movie monster. I doubt it will exactly be that, but that was the first thought in my head.

Have you considered putting some of your altered stuff back up on the asset store? e.g. the custom-built object destruction or ambient occlusion?

Cool. Cross-platform compatible is cool, too, and the Linux users are thankful.

So is this going to be like a puzzle platformer/FPS with claws? :)

is it just or do the not raptors raptors leg look a little to too hmmm what's the word? goofy? in the jumping picture? probably just me but they don't look natural at all.


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