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Raptor Dev Diary #2: Thar Be Dinos Behind That Longwinded Man

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Cheers guys. :)

1. "Don't show videos with outdated assets" is how we wind up with "we never talked about this until the game came out, now marketing fail."  So I'm going the other way with this one.  It worked well for Valley 1, overall.

2. Noted on the various things with the raptor seams at the tail, etc.  That was just an artifact of the original rigging.

3. With the tail being something that uses an IK chain, I spent a good week trying to get that to work via both IK chains and puppet master, and the results were generally unintentionally hilarious in a bad way.  There are some things that I'd like to improve there, but a lot of that is just coming down to how Blue has animated it now, which is superior to what it used to be anyhow.  The tail is probably the trickiest part -- her other animations are freaking amazing in terms of what they add.

4. The bloom is configurable, and is something that is on top of the HDR effect for dramatic purposes.  It can be configured, although I'm not sure it's directly what was bothering you the most.  Most likely that was actually the color saturation artifacts (which were blurry and could easily be mistaken for bloom) from the Horizon Based Ambient Occlusion in use.  I've made a lot of adjustments to the HBAO, and it looks much better, too.  Things are crisper, particularly with shadows, etc.

5. Rim lighting is a good point, but rather expensive on the GPU to my knowledge.  I'm not sure if the main shaders support rim lighting, either.  I'd have to look into that more.  Where specifically are you thinking those would be most useful, though?

6. I'll have another video today showing various updated stuff, and in a much briefer fashion.  So hopefully that will be something people enjoy, and with videos coming out more regularly that ought to combat the "outdated assets are the first thing you see" issue.  Some, at least.

7. I have thought about having a t-rex option, and that could be quite fun.  We shall see if it's ever possible just for cost reasons on our end.  If this is a big hit, it sure would be fun to add.  And +100 karma for the Meet The Robinsons reference.  That movie is so good (and the soundtrack).

Next video will be tomorrow morning, not tonight.  I've gotten a bit more done than anticipated, though, which is pleasing. :)

Well yeah ;) You are right with showing stuff, just not 1 hour long monologues since (apparently) many people overhear stuff... as I have to admit I did ;P

As for rim light shader... it usually is just a tool to make things stand out more. But it depends hugely on the mesh/level/engine how exactly that's gonna look. Generally speaking if it's an light source based shader it will look extremely neat.... but it could also look horrible in other scenes ;p Only thought of that because I saw the follower light, which isn't an optimal solution to make the dino appear rooted in the world (graphics wise) usually what happens is what I like to call the Dark Souls problem, when you have a character that glows in the dark that you can see from behind, it appears as if he is never actually standing on the ground due to how normal maps interact with this light ;p

Ah, interesting.

True enough on a number of those things, for sure.  I can see what you mean about a rim light for the raptor and so forth in particular, that could look pretty slick.  Before I wasn't really thinking of what I could use that sort of light for.

Anyhow, yeah, hour-long monologues are not the general plan. ;)


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