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First of all, here's the update release notes.

Apologies on the all caps in the title there, but I want to make sure people notice this one.

Game Now Requires 64bit OS and Processor
We're having to update the system requirements to include a provision for 64bit, though, because we've been pushing up against the edge of that limit for a while now, and that's only going to become more of a thing as we add more to the game. I thought we might be able to get away with keeping a 32bit version of the game, but that looks like not the case. Thus updating this prior to us actually selling it seemed rather wise, heh.

Based on the Steam hardware survey, this looks like it will impact appreciably 0% of linux and OSX users, and about 10% of windows users. That said, for most of the impacted windows users there is a good chance that they would not meet the other system requirements anyhow, so hopefully this doesn't have a true impact on anyone.

That said, if this is preventing you from playing the game, I sincerely apologize. There's a good reason we did this BEFORE we started selling it -- just in case.

I was one of that 10% until a week ago.
(Not that my machine can run lovably anything right now...grumble grumble)
Shouldn't be a big deal.  The jump in minimum specs (that is, the hardware people have) as a result will make the low-end more buttery smooth for sure.

Yep, that should help a lot I think.

ill see when it comes out today and see if it works properly/has an acceptable frame rate.
even if it does though ill be sure to inform you (on mantis obviously) if encounter any random unwarranted frame drops though.


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