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Oh look, a feathered raptor in the Unity Asset Store.

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I'm not sure I can bring myself to use it, though.  It looks too... obese?  I don't know, it doesn't feel right to me.

goodness he's a right old fatty isn't he? btw you can barely see the feathers on him you'd probably be better off sticking with what you've got unless you decide you want a feathered dinosaur for what ever reason.

That raptor needs more fibres in his diet.

I asked my buddy working on Saurian what he thought of it.

[4:52:51 PM] X: lmfao no

[4:59:47 PM] X: Looks hilarious.
[5:00:03 PM] X: Especially that firm old-man's hair along the back of its head.
[5:01:21 PM] X: And lmao those wrist feathers and pronated hands, classic mistake. Though, I'm amazed at the fact that it actually has halluces! Most people forget these are a thing.
[5:01:50 PM] X: I think the feet are the most impressive area of that thing period.

Oh yeah, look at that!  I didn't know they were called halluces, but I see exactly what he means.  Looks super good on that model.  Too bad on the rest beyond the feet, though, yeah.


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