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New Build With Third Person Again!
« on: July 04, 2016, 04:38:03 PM »
The first-person view, as I noted in the last update, received mixed reception. Some folks really like it, others it makes motion sick. Since this is largely a matter of taste, the game now supports both modes.

You can switch between them using the F key on your keyboard or the left bumper on your gamepad. If the bindings don't work for some reason, please reset them to the defaults in the controls screen. But it should reset them for you in this build.

The new third person controls gain a lot of good things from the first-person view. The controls are now char-controller-based rather than rigidbody-based, which means that enemies can't knock you around anymore, and neither can explosions. Animations are smoother, same as in the first person view. The raptor no longer gets caught on the environment, same as the first person view.

There are a few unrelated changes in here, too. The raptor now moves 1.5x as fast as in the prior build. This is back to a speed closer to very early demos. We'll see if that needs to be tuned down slightly, but the extra speed here makes it so that walking is actually a reasonable speed sometimes, and running is really efficient.

The way I wound up handling the slapping-enemy-shots in third person view, for now, is identically to the first person view. It zaps out of the center of your screen in both modes. That's a bit strange in the third person view, but I haven't figured out a better way to aim that that isn't auto-aim, and this doesn't seem super egregiously strange, so for now that's what it is.

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