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In Case of Emergency, Release Raptor... well, released (Early Access).

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So... many... puns possible.  I look forward to seeing what the press come up with (as long as it's not along the lines of No Man Buy, heh).

At any rate, today has been really hectic and I had to push the release back by one hour so that I could finish getting the video and screenshots up and everything.  And that was even with Cinth doing basically everyone on the screenshots.

I really want to give a huge thanks to everyone who has been such a big help on this game: Blue, Keith, Cinth, Craig, Pablo, and Misery in particular.  But there have been so many other people as well, including in particular garpu and jerith, and I'm sure I'm forgetting some folks, for which I apologize.  And that's not even mentioning the recent raft of testers, who are all thanked on the release notes page.

All righty.  Speaking of release notes, I'm calling this first build for EA "Alpha 14," because it follows 13 pre-EA demos.  That's on a new release notes page for during EA, since the pre-EA page was pretty darn huge by now.

Suffice it to say, the release notes for Alpha 14 itself are pretty pathetically thin.  It's just been one of those days where a ton of other stuff sucked up the time; that shouldn't be the case tomorrow or the next day, since the big time-sinks today were store-related things and creating the above trailer and so on.

I was up super late last night, so I'm going to actually take off at 5pm today rather than working into the night.  My son really really wants me to push him on the swings in about 10 minutes, too, so there's also that.  He's really excited that this is out now, and that hopefully I won't need to be working weekends constantly again for a while. :)

Anyhow, I just wanted to say thank you again to everyone, and I hope you enjoy the game.  And I'll have more updates for you tomorrow!




Raptor game acquired!
Well, I started playing the game without blowing into a cartridge (which I heard is bad anyway), so you have already improved my raptor gaming right there.

Question: Selecting my native resolution or lower (fullscreen or windowed) leaves me with a partially cut off image, did I forget some obvious basic setting somewhere?

Question 2: The missions are a bit silent, can I add some of my own music tracks somewhere for now?

Apart from that, getting used to the raptor movements and making my first steps into this game has been pretty fun. Also, I didn't expect the turrets to be so talkative. :P

I am not a raft! I prefer my full title of riff raff thank you  :P

This game has legs I think...I couldn't resist

I love the voice. I dislike AI War's "taunts" for several reasons, but that voice really feels... like a true bad guy.
Well, I don't understand all the words, but it might not be the fault of the sound. ;)

And... God... That music! I freaking love it!
I guess it's from Pablo Vegas.
I remember when the first trailers were out, I was surprised by the different swings of tone because of the expectations I built up myself. But this tone really pleases me, and both the music and the voice work with it.
Ah, I'll have these four notes in my head for weeks... I might even dig up my earbud (or buy new, maybe) and put some music in my phone. :D
Is this music in the game? Will it be?

I planned to take this game only to gift it to someone I'm sure will enjoy it (It doesn't sound to be a genre I would truly appreciate, and my fiancée loves raptors, go figure :) ) but now I think I'll take a copy for myself too. That launch trailer really clicked with me.

Any more backstory? More links to the Arcenverse? We're somewhere between Bionic Dues and AI War... So many ways to explore that. Please, don't let the backstory sleep indefinitely like with Starward Rogue. That was really something that disappointed me in the long term.

Good job, Arcen; good job.


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