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Help with pull-quotes about release raptor?


Hey all!

Soooo... I am running super behind, and Erik is running all-out, and Pepisolo is a boss and helping out on the sound and marketing fronts a ton as well.  Basically we're pretty well tapped-out.  This is embarrassing to ask, but would anyone have time to help us find 2-3 "pull quotes" about Release Raptor that we could use for our Steam page as well as for some advertising that we'll be running?

Basically for purposes of the advertising it's really good if these are short.  It's also useful if it comes from a larger source, be that publication or youtuber.  Most of the press about the game so far has been video-based, and a lot of it shows up here:  Or just on youtube or twitch, as the case may be.

I hate asking for favors, but I would be happy to offer an early free game key for anyone who helps out with it. ;)


I'm not sure what you are looking for.

Do you mean like...

--- Quote from: Rock Paper Shotgun ---Release Raptor is a 3D smash ‘em up with a velociraptor fighting robots in the dystopian future. Surprising!
--- End quote ---

(Pulled that from the only non-video thing on the linked page).

More things that are subjective opinions or value judgement in favor of the game.  "It's early yet, but I had a blast with it from minute one." or "Definitely gives the proper dinosaur feel." or whatever people have said.  There have been a lot of that sort of sentiment from what I can tell, but I'd need specific words that are articulate and brief enough and actually what someone said verbatim.  Ideally someone with the most name recognition, either for themselves or their outlet/channel -- well, two or three someones for two or three quotes.

Dominus Arbitrationis:
What about "Also, they wanted to make a game where you ran around as a dinosaur smashing stuff." Cutting that down to just the "ran around as a dinosaur smashing stuff." might work. That quote is from RPS. Another quote from them: "we’re playing as a little devil on the raptor’s shoulder urging it to destroy everything".

We have to seek permission for any quotes that we use, and I doubt they will give it for those since they're just describing our description of the game, not actually remarking on their own play.


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