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Dev Diary 5: First Person Camera & Level Editor

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I really like the idea of having both the 3rd person and the over-the-shoulder views, and being able to switch between them during play. Both approaches have positives and negatives, but seem like they will be very complementary when put together, as long as you can iron out the kinks, of course.  The over-the-shoulder view seems a bit weird when you first start playing, but there seems to be something quite cool about it. Super vague opinion, but that's kind of just what I think at the moment. It's like "this is odd.........ok I'm starting to get this.....hang on this is actually super cool.......or is it.......this is a different experience....yeah, it is good!" That was the best way I could find to explain my feelings so far! :)

Well, I suppose that's better than "ugh!" ;)

3rd person + shoulder-cam switching is a very elegant way of solving that problem. Thank you a lot for having considered not throwing work through the window.

The raptor being on the left irks me, probably because I'm so used to having weapon models on the right.

But other than that, looks pretty slick.


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