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Breaking News: Chris is a Grade A+ Moron

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--- Quote from: logorouge on July 09, 2016, 06:24:10 pm ---
--- Quote from: Mánagarmr on July 09, 2016, 06:19:05 pm ---People still play that? O_o I thought that died the obscurity death after being condemned as "Terraria in space...and nothing more".

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I heard they released some major update a while ago. I'm guessing it got a few people curious.

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actually i got reminded about it when i saw one of my friends playing thing is I've played terraria but there's to persic reasons id play this over terraria (among some other super specific things)
1 the long mining range and the fact that you mine/place in a square rather than one block at time the fact that you can only mine block at time right in front of you in terraria drove me nuts and put me off after nine hours.
2 i really like the space theme and the feel of traveling to different planets and its infinitely more compelling to me than working to get some stuff when i know i'm probably going to replace it anyway thing is i was getting somewhere before i lost my save to an update so i really can't comment on what it's like in the later game but i'm really enjoying it so far

not trying to say it's better than terraria although i think its a bit unfair to compare the 2 considering how long terraria been updated for but i think its a valid alternative for those like my self who didn't like terraria if you get what i mean.

i should mention that its launching from early access in 12 days.

To be honest reading all that I think you are not a moron, rather it would be economic suicide to release something unpolished on EA nowadays. According to steamspy, your early access release IS your release in terms of attention and sale impact.

The problem with Early Access on Steam is that developers and players see the game with different eyes.

Developers see the potential of the game and what it could become with the help of the community. they count on the help and believe that together it could shape the game.
Players however see not what the game might become but only what it is at that point. and they rate exactly that. they don't care about the ifs, they only care about their first experience with it, even if the game still is in development. There is currenlty only a few amount of people that really get what EA is about and how to use it right and players mostly dislike EA games just because they don't see the value of the future of the game.

So in short, it is always advised to take extra time to shpe the game before going the early access route. players will then have a better first time experience and that is exactly what you aim for. The real release isn't interesting anymore for those people because they OWN already the game on release.

Why do you even pick a release date if you will change it 10 times afterwards? That does not serve any purpose does it, it just kills the hype bit by bit. Even though it is not on a crucial thing, you are still wasting your credibility for no reason.

Just say end of October and stick with it, and if you are done early, make an early release which looks definitely more professional than this.


--- Quote from: tombik on July 10, 2016, 09:29:21 am ---Why do you even pick a release date if you will change it 10 times afterwards?

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The answer is right there in the original post. Look at the section called "So What's Wrong With Me, Then?"


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