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--- Quote from: x4000 on April 19, 2016, 04:19:08 PM ---FOV is definitely tricky, because in general a PC game that is in 3D should have a wider one since you sit closer to the monitor.  But not everyone likes that, and for a third-person game a full 90-degree FOV didn't feel good to me.  I definitely would not say that the mechanics require the 70-degree FOV by any stretch.

Anyhow, noted for future promotional screenshots.


Also: welcome to the folks who are coming from RPS!  Just to be clear, kicking over crates and whatnot is not a "main feature" by any stretch of the imagination, haha.

--- End quote ---
is the fov going to be changeable via options? just yea know because it would be silly not to.

Of course!  Among many other things.


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