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All right, let's get this over with: August 17th is the new release date.

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That tongue is awesome. Maybe the new release date will happen, or maybe it will slip, or maybe some other unexpected thing will come up. But whatever happens, you have an anti-worry tongue now.

I think kids are smarter than adults.

Captain Jack:
Hey guys how's the game com... reads Chris's hyperbole

reads the rest of the post

Ah. So... Chris is letting perfectionism lead to feature creep delaying the full release while he makes highly technical changes that he wants to get absolutely right, which is when perfectionism leads to yet more feature creep... Tuesday at Arcen.  :P

I love Donald Glover.  That is all. :)

Well, and this:

I really like stand-up comedy, and he's amazing.  The Home Depot story is my favorite, I think, from that album.

Concerning new media coverage:

Ha!  Wow, nice.  "It's early access, so it'll probably be crappy for a while" is a good reason for the extra perfectionism, etc, though.  :)


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