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Will ArcenGames accept a PR/Marketing for other indie games?


Krysle Quinsen:
I'm wondering if ArcenGeams considering accepts a game from other developer and do the Publisher/PR/Marketing stuff like some other indie studio that makes their games and also a publisher services for the other indie devs.  ;)

It is something that we've considered, yes -- basically acting as a publisher for games developed by other studios.  We've been approached by folks about this a number of times, but we have yet to find a project that we felt like we'd be able to help and that would fit with our particular style of games.  It wasn't a reflection of the quality of the other game, but there has to be a certain level of symbiosis where it would make sense to our customers and where it's a benefit for both Arcen and the other developer.

Anyone who wants to discuss such a thing can always email us at arcengames at gmail dot com to carry that on a bit more privately.


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