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Will Arcen ever make a Crafting/Building game?

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Most recently for me, Space Engineers. There was a long period where it was kinda eh, but since they added planets there's somewhat of a sense of progression involved in managing to get back into space, so I ended up putting in another 10-20 hours messing around there. It didn't really hold up in the sense of encouraging me to build mega-projects though, unlike Minecraft where I've made insane puzzle dungeons for friends to run through and things like that.

Also, oddly enough, I was more drawn in by the town-building stuff in Fallout 4 than the actual plot/shooter gameplay.

I don't know about 7 Days to die but I really like Fortresscraft Evolved. A lot of people say it's like "Minecraft with Mods" but I cannot confirm this because I always play Minecraft like it is.
It has the same block design like Minecraft but takes building to a new level. It's mostly about building the machines you like with conveyor belts for resource transportation, laser emitters for power management and even simple tower defense elements. When you generate more power, wasps start to attack your base and you have to defend with turrets against them.
It's a really cool game and my favourite of the 3D sandbox games.


--- Quote from: TheVampire100 on January 26, 2016, 12:52:41 am ---I always play Minecraft like it is.
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I am really super picky with mods.  I liked TerraFirmaCraft in some respects and not others, made up a whole bunch of notes on how I'd really like Minecraft to be, and eventually took a stab at making it.  Some of my ideas were bunk or things I realized would violate what I liked about vanilla, but other things were super satisfying changes.

I called it Reasonable Realism.  One of the things that fell into place and was intensely enjoyable was the Prospecting system.  I have to thank my uncle for putting me on track, there, of course.


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