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Will Arcen ever make a Crafting/Building game?

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I don't want to get into the next game too much in terms of discussion, but it is something where I have to always be planning at least one game in advance (so that when artists and so forth finish their work, they have something new to do even though I'm still on the current game).  In this particular case, the general idea is that I want to create basically the game that I hoped Don't Starve Together would be, but (for me) wasn't.  In some respects, the 2D expression of 7 Days To Die, but not really.  A bit of SPAZ inspiration, I'd say.  A whole lot of new.

"Life at the end of the universe"
Interesting, but a bit long, don't you think?
LEU? Or "LatEotU"? :-\ Ok, sorry, I stop it. :-X

All that things reminds me of Shellcore Command. How I'm sad the dev didn't go forward... Skirmish expansion is... good, but not as juicy as the campaign was. I tried to replicate it, but made a lame buggy shmup. I'm still trying something, after years, however. How I feel Airship Eternal would be all I wanted from it...

Anyway, count me in the next beta! ;D :P

You never know if perhaps that name won't stick, it is long.  But I'm fond of it. :)


--- Quote from: TheVampire100 on April 30, 2015, 03:31:06 pm ---Crafting is one of this stuff that makes a game a lot better for if it's done correctly.

--- End quote ---
If done right, crafting is awesome.
Done poorly it feels either tacked on or nonsensical.

Subnautica I'm worried is going to fall into "nonsensical" ("we have matter replicators, buuuut...no blueprints, go find me 30 thingamajigs" or maybe "we have matter replicators, buuut we need raw mat--hey quit that, you can't just ask for a submarine, uberarmor, and a laser cannon!  This is the early game, we need unobtainium for those!").

Dungeon Defenders Eternity fell into "tacked on."  You had to find blueprints that when crafted (with a maximum number of craftings allowed) resulted in a specific random item (and all the crafting ingredients were arbitrary bullshit.  Bat wings, blood drops, wrapping paper...

Yes, that tacked-on feeling is a big part of why I never liked crafting too much.  Until the last year, when I felt like I saw it done right or almost-right.


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