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Which is the best institute for game development in india?

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I'm currently doing FYBScIT in mumbai and want to pursue my carrier in gaming.I know that some institute offer a PG degree in game development or game design.please help me out which is the best.thank you..

No one on staff here has a degree in game development, and I don't personally know an other indies that do. There are indies out there who do, but most of the ones i know have degrees in other fields: computer science, business, art, etc.

Unfortunately, most American gaming companies will tend to shun Indian and India-trained developers due to the perceived (whether this is true or not) lower quality of software developed over there. If you would like to continue a career in gaming, I would suggest some additional English-language classes, since most programming languages have manuals primarily in english, and have most of their support and web-forums are in english, regardless of what language the game's target audience is.

Also, I've never heard the term FYB Science Internet Technology, and can't find what the FYB stands for. Though the acronym does sound like there is too much of a generalist tech-focus. Almost like a degree in "business", due to the fact that it appears to have at least 3 specialties in it.

Bear in mind that there are plenty of Asian gaming companies that have entirely different criteria than those in the US and Europe, though.  So using the US as a guide doesn't necessarily lead to the best result unless you want to work with US companies.  There are a lot of game engines in other countries ranging from Russia to Korea to China to Japan that we hardly (if ever) hear about over here, and I'm sure there are probably many in India, too. 

I imagine you have many options, but I don't know what they all are, and can't really speak to the state of game development in most other countries, let alone non-English-speaking ones.  But either way, most indie developers won't know much about large company hiring practices in this industry, especially in countries in which they don't work.  Some of us are indie because we left large gaming companies, but many of us (me included) came from unrelated industries, and have specifically avoided the larger gaming companies because we know what it's like.

I have been looking into the Media Arts and Animation degree offered at the art institute but i am just not sure if its a good college/degree for a job as a game developer. I would love to be a 3D modeler and renderer or an Animator. I am just incredibly worried that I will waste my time and money at the Art Institute and never get hired at a game development company. So... Your thoughts? (Specifically people in the Game development business.)I live in Austin, TX. Lucky me. Any recommendations in degrees or universities in the area?


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