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What video game would give you the most nostalgic feeling if you played it?

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--- Quote from: Samdirk on March 19, 2020, 07:44:25 pm ---I like cyberpunk, gambling, even platformers, if it's really interesting.
Advise your preferences.

--- End quote ---
I can advise one interesting game, which simply cannot leave anyone indifferent who likes such genre. The game is called BomjMan, it is about weird russians, where the former office worker, and now the homeless is fighting evil and injustice. Beat them, this is the main rule. The real superhero. Graphics and audio provides a unique surroundings. I am waiting for the release of this indie game.

Evil in the city, homeless superhero, hardcore? This is just what I like.  :) :) ;)
What is the specific release date?


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