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What video game would give you the most nostalgic feeling if you played it?

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I used to play Cadash with a friend in high school. That'd probably do it.

I guess the most important factor is the music. If the music is sad, I can sense that even though I am playing games happily at that time, I will become nostalgic suddenly.

Simon the Sorceror and legend of Zelda both games I loved from my childhood, in fact I'm going to download an emulator and play simon the sorceror now!

Probably Last Mission on the C64. I played that to death. Or Moonstone on the Amiga 500. Yeah, I'll say Moonstone. I loved that game to death.

I’ve already played so much PC games, so spoiled, now I can’t find any decent games.
I like cyberpunk, gambling, even platformers, if it's really interesting.
Advise your preferences.


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