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Unreal Engine 4 now free

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The only cost is a 5% royalty after the first $3000 sales. So now it is open for everyone to develop or learn about developing for free!

Anybody else going to try it out?

I may.  Depends on what my boss decides to do.  Pretty sure the royalty won't be good for us, but if he wants to start using it, I'll probably end up mucking around.

Been using it for a year, and I highly recommend it! :)

Shrugging Khan:
Any reason to switch from Unity to Unreal?

In a competitive bid, Unity 5 Pro just went free for personal use no royalties, fees, subscriptions, or purchase price up to $100,000 of revenue or funding.  That's not insignificant.


There's still a couple of things that the actual Pro license has above the Personal, but they're pretty niche compared to the stuff Unity 4 Pro locked up; Game analytics (cloud service), free stuff from the asset store, customizable splash screen, prioritized bug reporting (that is, when Unity crashes your bug reports are put in the Fast Pass lane), and team licensing.


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