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Started working on my first game!


So I started work about a month ago on my first game project. I was surprised that I went into making the game with one specific mechanic, and the game just kept growing almost on its own to what it is now. It's still very rough, but it's playable, and that feels great! The only thing that i'm having difficulty with (other than how i can get past some hurdles with coding, and believe me some of the code is very Frankenstein in how i solved some problems), is that I cannot seem to find that little "spark" of what's missing. Anyways, i thought I would share it here, its completely free and always will be. Just a fun little project I wanted to share with the community. Enjoy! :D


I think I'll check the game out. I've been wanting to try out making games myself.

Seems really cool. What do you mean when you say that your code is Frankenstein?


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