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A Harvest Moon/Rune Factory PC variant.

I'm serious.


These are games that would benefit tons from infinite procedural generation used to create content. You already have some amazing on staff artists. It would switch from the side scrolling action of AVWW1/2 to top down or isometric viewing of SBR & Skyward Collapse. It would feel very similar to Shattered Haven, but it would need much large character figures. That's one of the big things that makes console games attractive, big characters. The Shattered Haven characters are just too small on screen.

And for maximum hilarity, have the AI Wars, SBR, tLF character races each have a representative in the world.

Dear Diary,
I had to go buy more melon seeds today from the Peltian Store. Those darn Thoraxians keep sneaking into my diary at night to eat the plants. I'll need to put up some Acutian electroc-zapper fences to keep them out. Maybe I'll just abandon my attempts at growing crops this year and instead invest more into Flowers or Animals. The Andor Flower Market is paying a premium for roses this year, something about how the Boarine Leader changed and now they want rose bushes everywhere.

I know, it sounds crazy. A Harvest Moon game on PC, without a dating sim focus (it could go either way). Plus it could have coop, you compete together with your friends toward a plot goal and against your friends to have your view of the world be dominant (red and yellow tulips everywhere versus smog polluting machinery, etc). It would be awesome.

I'll go back to trying to break SBR now.

Let's create a robot farm! Seriously, why not? Living animals are ine very generic farming game, but no one has done a farming game with robots instead of animals!

Captain Jack:
Damn you, Harvest Moon is my secret vice. Reading this thread has reminded me to write that post-apocalyptic Harvest Moon themed short story that's been bouncing in my brain for years.

You could fit in the AI too - the invisible nuclear warhead of the market.

I've worked on a rune-factory-like design before, but I don't see Chris liking the idea.


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