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Netstorm style game play gets reboot in 3D and new IP

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Hello all just wanted to let everyone know about our team which started as fans of the original 90's Netstorm Islands at war have banded together to form a development team and working with help from the original devs are creating a new world and IP heavily influenced by the original game-play style under but new world and artwork and units and IP.

The new reboot of NS style game-play of warring priests and floating sky islands is called "Disciples of the storm" and is set in a full 3D world instead of 2D that the original game was.

The team has been working over past few months on changes and getting the new rain faction art down in preparation for creation of the new units for use in a new test build, the team has put a number of screenshots of art and models on our steam greenlight page a few videos of the teams work inside the unity engine with a test build of the game showing some of the gameplay mechanics implemented from the older game..

We also are releasing a look of the new Ice Cannon attack unit we are working on the design...

Earlier we had uploaded a picture of the new rain creature air unit spawn pool which will spawn rain based air unit that will attack any enemy units in a radius from the spawn pool..

You can see DOTS on the steam greenlight project here.

If there are any here that remember NS and want to see a full rebirth of its gameplay style please check out our greenlight and drop us a vote of support.

Looks really cool - I always wondered why there was no Netstorm 2 :)

That link you gave dropped me on russian page for some reason.. ;)

Also I can see the dreaded F2P text on steam - could you tell us what it will mean exactly?
(Basically F2P is usually "put coin in here" for me and thats something I stay away from with few exceptions)

Wait you mean the link for the steam greenlight page is not directing to the DOTS page :/

F2P means that while there will be an initial purchase we are not going to charge over and over for people to access user accounts , there will be one time purchase of the game but access to the online servers will be free and will not have to buy a subscription for continued playing aka WOW or eldar scrolls online.

the only thing players can spend money on is on their own choice for getting special clothing items for their priests to give the priest a unique looks but these will not affect gameplay in anyway and are more geared towards letting players that want to get a special look for their priest the ability to do so.

We did not want a pay to win game so we are staying well away from that but down the road with allowing customization of priest looks will allow players to become more connected with their priest avatar and allow a little income from that..

Here is a little preview showing the new unit and building ring selection indicators replacing the older wire box selection we were using before...

We are currently working on getting a new set of island terrain surface textures in that will be replacing the current terrain surface textures in coming build which will improve the look of islands.


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