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Netstorm style game play gets reboot in 3D and new IP

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A look at temp unit production icons for the sun faction until the art team does the final polished ones.

We started active early access testing with folks that backed us at developer access level, so far had 5 games with the current testers, we are currently tracking down the connection issues on hosting games and server crash on rejoining the battle lobby. 

From the last set of play tests we got some good logs for tracking down whats causing what issues, coder is hoping to push out a new build for further testing by hopefully end of week.

We are very pleased to showcase the new rain spawn pool structure mesh today, the newly finished structure mesh spawns rain beasts that drift through the air to attack nearby enemy units or structure that enter or are constructed in range of the pool.

Besides the new Rain Spawn Pool structure we also highlight the new nearly completed rain faction arrayed that now has the following meshes finished for the faction.

Ice Gatling

Rain Generator

Ice blocker tower

Acid barricade

Rain Workshop

Rain faction Ice Golem

Test fix of Multiplayer server stability in preparation of the new build that will include the new content produced and world lighting changes.



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