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Many VR Devs (possibly most) Struggling to Break Even

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Thought this article and it's various links might be of interest.  I hope Arcen doesn't have plans to develop for VR soon.  It looks like a very tough and small market on PC.


Last I'd heard it was rather demanding hardware-wise since you needed to hold 90fps, so it was limited to higher-end computers. Might be related?

There are also MASSIVE amounts of walled gardens in the world of VR, and that is hurting devs as only a small subset (say Oculus) can access their small subset (VR games) of games. The solution is to make everything platform agnostic and agree on a standard. We've seen this happen with multiplayer games. The game is moderately popular and in a desperate attempt to make it more popular, the devs make more modes or release DLC maps or whatever, leading to a fractured playerbase and subsequently worse matchmaking and people get the feeling "the game is dying" and quit.

Same with VR. So many walled gardens that it's just not worth getting VR unless you're getting all of them, and that's a ridiculus investment.

The standard will happen sooner or later...

That said them struggling ain't really a surprise, going VR is quite a shift from the current gaming habits and it's limited a lot by gear. It will get better as the equipment gets much much cheaper than it currently is.

I don't have much doubt that it's a large part of the future of gaming though.

Right now, Steam lists more than 1000 VR games - and a quick glance shows that most of those are shovelware. 
While I can easily believe that it is very difficult to create a good game that uses VR in an immersive and interesting manner... most of what I see is tech-demo garbage being sold for $10.


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