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Many VR Devs (possibly most) Struggling to Break Even

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Where is the "many" coming from? In the article only 1 developer speaks, and the game is (imo) mediocre, visually and gameplay wise. It has zero long-term stay, no longterm binding gameplay elements (progression... dynamic changing worlds, new content, no workshop), no community interactions. So the real problem was that HTC didn't have good launch titles. Also priced at 8$ when steam tells you specifically not to do that is another sign, that maybe the problem lies in the games and the devs, not VR or steam....

And if you browse the VR section in Steam you better put your biker goggles on, because you gonna trudge through some serious sewage. To put it kindly.... there are entire youtube channels dedicated to weeding through that mess and finding good games, they don't find many.

But that will change, when the hardware isn't more expensive than the GPU you need to run it...

At this point, I also suspect many are waiting for VR gen 2, which if rumors are true, gonna require entirely new GPU's because of HDMI/DP limitations. And so the market is still not even there, this is early adopter territory. And as always the customers with patience are rewarded.

Would be interesting to see the results of current Arcen VR project (I quote from kickstarter "But we'll be working on a different project, focusing on VR actually").

Here's a thought


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