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Hey Arcen, really pissed off with you!!!!

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You haven't made a true 4x game (with your own twist) that will put all others to shame. Why is that? Super pissed!

P.S. I love you guys.

Shrugging Khan:
I'm gonna go out and say that I'd also like to see that, although Arcen knows best. Maybe a traditional 4x just isn't their thing? :P

It is definitely our sort of thing, I'm not sure why I haven't attempted it yet. Just not quite ready yet, I guess. But it is on my (lengthy) list of things I want to accomplish, though. :)

4x games seem to be cursed. They always tend to end up horrible. See Invasion of the Space Bears (Stardrive) or Endless Space as recent examples.

Endless Space wasn't terrible, but it was missing something.


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