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Hey Arcen, really pissed off with you!!!!

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--- Quote from: Aklyon on April 20, 2014, 04:34:58 pm ---Endless Space wasn't terrible, but it was missing something.

--- End quote ---

That word you're looking for is "fun".

Eh, I had fun with it a bit. Didn't really feel like opening it a second time until disharmony came out.

Shrugging Khan:
No, no, Endless Space was missing all kinds of something. Stardrive didn't miss much, but none of the pieces were connected. And Distant Worlds had all the pieces in place, but they were thoroughly rotten.

My favourite failure is Star Ruler. They at least tried to do something new, utterly unfinished release and horrible post-release development nonwithstanding.

If Arcen tries it, it needs to be something completely unique and new. Because as mentioned by others in this thread, the genre is cursed ;/

And if a 4x is considered,  this is gonna need some talking about if it ever gets made. At the very least all 4x games ever made need to be taken into account as examples on what not-to-do ;P And the universe needs to be unique, or at least completely and utterly fleshed out. So many 4x games just make space a boring  "paint stars your color" game.... space in reality is boring, yeah. But nobody is forcing anyone to make space in a game exactly like reality.

Real issues this genre has: lack of immersion and no progression. Problematic end-game and too much micro management. No abstraction for late game micro management, no persistent element across multiple games (roleplaying included) .... and a total and utter lack of FUN beyond the first real completed match. (Endless Space had that problem)


--- Quote from: x4000 on April 20, 2014, 12:21:23 pm ---It is definitely our sort of thing, I'm not sure why I haven't attempted it yet. Just not quite ready yet, I guess. But it is on my (lengthy) list of things I want to accomplish, though. :)

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Looking forward to it, whenever you feel it's right.  :)


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