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Hey Arcen, really pissed off with you!!!!

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--- Quote from: Shrugging Khan on April 20, 2014, 05:10:12 pm ---No, no, Endless Space was missing all kinds of something. Stardrive didn't miss much, but none of the pieces were connected. And Distant Worlds had all the pieces in place, but they were thoroughly rotten.
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Yeah.  This.

And Space Empires was lacking in balance as well as competent AIs (to the point of there being a fan built mod which is pretty much universally used).  It also lacked a large amount of automation.  You couldn't simply focus on the aspects of the 4X genre you enjoyed, letting some AI managers handle the nitty gritty.

SE4 also screwed up a successful research system, making it so you could only research One. Thing. At. A. Time.  Which completely ruined the whole point of devoting 1% research to something expensive as balls, and unlocking it eventually* while most of your points went towards things you wanted immediately.

*Mostly I did this with the environment/colonization tech.  There being enough planets to colonize the ones currently compatible, gaining more compatibility in 200+ turns was sufficient.

Huh, now that you mention it, it IS hard to find a good game in that genre, isnt it.  There's definitely good ones out there, by my opinion, but not NEARLY as many as there COULD be, for a genre that is pretty popular among PC gamers.

I liked Civ 5 well enough, though the AI leaves alot to be desired.

Fallen Enchantress and it's expansion I like quite a lot, though the learning curve is nasty, and it focuses very heavily on combat, so there's not much in the way of political options.  Fortunately the combat system is excellent, but still.

And recently bought Age of Wonders III, I've yet to fully make a judgement on that one, need more time with it.

Shrugging Khan:
Civ V.

You bloody heretic.

Blood for the Blood Mod! Skulls for the Civ IV throne!

4X games are one of most difficult to do I think.
AI would be one of the main problems there :)


--- Quote from: Shrugging Khan on April 28, 2014, 04:22:38 am ---Civ V.

You bloody heretic.

Blood for the Blood Mod! Skulls for the Civ IV throne!

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You know, thats reminds me of how the Master of Mana dev is tearing a couple of the more interesting mechanics from V for a future version of the mod.


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