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Chris needs his blog forum back!

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I'm sure I am not the only one to say this, but I do believe many people are interested in reading your blogs (though I understand you probably won't be able to write any more in the recent future) and thus you must reinstate a forum for your blogs once again!

Not going to happen, there's no reason for it.  If you want to read my blog, just subscribe to it via RSS.  And we also make note of my blog posts in the main Arcen news blog, too; all of the main news is now in that, rather than the forums, which is why both the Articles and News subforums were deprecated.  There's more visiblity to the articles than ever before these days, there just isn't a forum for it.


Could we not fit it in within this forum as a sub-forum?

I don't care to be double-posting all my articles, is the challenge.

Oh, okay.  I thought it was for some other reason, haha.


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