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Huh, I just noticed this forum.

I've been wondering where this mysteriously man has disappeared off to--it's been a long time since I've seen him around here.  I assume it has something to with life, of course.

Just created this forum today, and moved a few things in here.  Calvin is busy with various real-life stuff -- not my place to share his personal details, and I don't know a lot of them, anyway.  We still keep in touch from time to time, and I imagine he might be back around someday, but for the time being, he's not.

I hope he's well.

I'm sure he would be pleased with how Arcen has grown since the year; I hope he returns in great glory in the future!

Yep, he's been pleased with the growth, etc.  He had some rough times for a while there, but last time I talked to him things were turning around.  Can't say more than that.

Cool! i was going to ask this anyway, so glad to hear he might be gracing us with his presence again sometime (hopefully) soon. Pass along all of our support (at least mine, i hope he makes it through whatever rough ride he's been having) next time you talk to him!


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