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Best Simple and Functional Music Development Software?


I am more of a casual when it comes to music development, and it has been a few long years since my last experience with eJay (which was functional but rather simple, not to mention crashing all the time), but I was wondering if there was software that was similar to eJay in that is simple to use, has a stable and user-friendly UI, ability to tweak and modify loops (like Ableton Live from what I've heard), and generally a well-rounded software?

Speaking of Ableton, I tried using it and was befuddled at how complicated it was (to an unacknowledged individual) and how troublesome it was for us who don't have another musical interface/keyboard to use as a conduit, which is why I posted this here to see if there is any other software that is on-par or similar to both eJay and Ableton. 

My use for it is mainly non-serious orchestral/piano/MIDI output.



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