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I'm starting this thread in hopes that those who would like to make suggestions to, chastise, or just give us their two cents on what we're doing as a company to get our games in front of as many eyes as possible, have somewhere to put their words and know they're being read. Obviously we're a small company with a budget that only allows us to do certain things in this department, so I'm always looking for creative (and frugal) ways to reach new audiences.

Some examples of items I'm continuously working on:

* Getting everyone excited about A Valley Without Wind.
* Expanding AI War's accessibility to new players (subreddit, variations of how-to's, peer instruction/assistance, etc.)
* Coming up with potential methods to get Tidalis in front of more eyes--casual or otherwise. (New portals for Tidalis Lite, revised trailer/screenshots, etc.)
There are just a million different ways that we can go about any of these items, and it can be surprising what exactly turns out to be effective and what ends up falling flat. So on that note we are, and more specifically I am, always open to discussion on the subjects of PR and marketing (I will not; however, discuss my personal fashion choices, as those are my own to make.)

Like I mentioned, if anyone at anytime has any suggestions or just wants to talk about what we're working on currently in the PR area, feel free to do so here. Thanks!

- Erik

I mentioned this a few times before but since I haven't seen the game show up there yet: Try to get Tidalis Lite up on jayisgames.com. It's a huge casual gaming site, and I'm sure you'd pick up at least a few fans. Submission form is here: http://jayisgames.com/game-submit/

Getting everyone excited about A Valley Without Wind.

Well you could start by getting the guys and gals on this forum excited ;p So far i have no clue what kind of game A Valley Without Wind is going to be. Too many things are still "unclear" "undeveloped" or "kept secret"

While understandable this makes getting hyped for it nearly impossible. Even with all the current coverage and after reading all interviews I am not entirely sure whether I want to play this game when its done or not. I see the potential but i am not sure whether it is going to aim at children or adults.

I'm kind of waiting for AVWW to get into a playable alpha state before I start trying to hype up friends or other forums I frequent about it. I want to make sure there's something to talk about so I don't post somewhere about it and then watch that post vanish off the bottom of the page with no comments.

@ Bob

That's a great idea and now on my list!

@ eRe4s3r and Bob

I understand where you're coming from. I see getting everyone excited about AVWW as more of a gradual process. The game is still very much a WIP of course, and as we're sharing nearly everything with our development at an early stage, it's understandable that right at the moment it's not going to get every gamer and their mom to look in our direction. Instead think of it as a slowly forming crescendo as we proceed through development. We want to have more people interested in the game when it hits alpha than we do now, and so on and so forth because hopefully playing and helping add to the game will create that need to share with friends like Bob mentioned.

So as far as what's clear and unclear to you in what's been revealed for the game thus far and how it personally affects your hype-o-meter, there's not a whole lot we can do other than continue to develop the game and show off our progress--hoping you get more excited as we move along. We know this method only appeals to certain individuals at first, and obviously we'd hope that the excitement really takes-off once players get a chance to get their hands on the alpha. All that said, there's plenty of things we can do more immediately to build the game's notoriety, such as getting featured on sites and publications. That way when we reach alpha, we have a few more of the "Hey, I've heard of that game" statements.


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