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--- Quote from: eRe4s3r on March 02, 2011, 03:39:02 am ---Getting everyone excited about A Valley Without Wind.

Well you could start by getting the guys and gals on this forum excited ;p So far i have no clue what kind of game A Valley Without Wind is going to be. Too many things are still "unclear" "undeveloped" or "kept secret"

While understandable this makes getting hyped for it nearly impossible. Even with all the current coverage and after reading all interviews I am not entirely sure whether I want to play this game when its done or not. I see the potential but i am not sure whether it is going to aim at children or adults.

--- End quote ---

Huh? I don't really think there's much more Arcen could possibly share or do to get people excited about AVWW at this stage! They've pretty much told us everything they know at this stage, short of stuff that's only in an idea or possibility state (which it would be a mistake to reveal in case it can't be delivered on).

Personally I've found this both fascinating and exciting and I think they'll win a lot of fans by engaging people this early. Of course, there are people who will only really get exciting when things are concrete and they can get their hands on something playable, and that's absolutely fine, but at this stage there's nothing than can be done to engage those people except let them know (and keep repeating) that the game exists and when they expect it will be playable. . .

For a small company they've done a lot of PR and interviews and that should be applauded. They've shared a frankly unprecedented amount!

I think accompanying the RPS interview with such an early vid when the graphics were still such a work in progress was something of a mis-step, but I think that's been recognised and the interview itself was great so it wont have done much damage.

For what its worth, I really like the open and trasnparent prosess of AVWW development. But its been a while since the last video ;)


--- Quote from: Ozymandiaz on March 23, 2011, 04:45:57 am ---For what its worth, I really like the open and trasnparent prosess of AVWW development. But its been a while since the last video ;)

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There's definitely a reason for that! The guys have been working hard and we'll have a lot of new stuff to show off very soon. Also we didn't want to just release a video every week if there weren't significant additions from the previous footage.

- Erik

There was a lot of "interior plumbing" that had to happen for some of the new stuff, and that left things that looked kind of rough on the surface, but which were really cool technically.  We've learned not to show videos of that sort of thing until the visuals are polished, too -- once bitten, twice shy, and all that. ;)

BUT, we should have something for you this week; the visuals aren't done for indoors yet, but they are far enough along that they are worth showing.

All that comes to mind at the moment is getting on the Immortal Machines podcast and one or more video features with TotalHalibut  (TotalBiscuit) on his Youtube channel outright or the Hydra-like construct he is in with for greater visibility of all things.

http://www.youtube.com/user/TotalHalibut  http://www.youtube.com/user/TheGameStation


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