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Oh, yeah -- I know TotalBiscuit / TotalHalibut, actually.  When the time is right, I will definitely have to hit him up for AVWW -- I think he'd be interested in it.

hmm i stuck with minecraft because of some arts from some web comics/reference, maybe someone of them is so excited in your games that he like to make a reference in his comic, sure the little artist don't get so much viewers but it's still maybe an interest for both :)
http://www.collectedcurios.com/sequentialart.php?s=678 and some more pages continued, just as an example.
If it not allowed to link something like that you are free to change the whole text above ( delete it completely for example, some forums are critical by this :S ).
it was done just to show people how awesome it could be to play it with a big portion of humor, besides it's fit as a filler for the story arc.
AVWW, A valley with wind the new webcomic/movie  :P like clear skies I&II for Eve online ^^

on the other hand i landed here because of a friend who like AI war, and i tried the trial version of that and i stayed here until now after a year of ghost reading  & the bug tracker,finally now as a registered member  on this forum :).
It gives so much different games from small companies or developer, that the market here is crowed complete [ tidalis in my opinion, but i don't know it exactly never given it a try, just the pictures].
It must shine, or get a mention from different sources than just Propaganda from friend to friend. There was the RPS interview interesting besides the early stage of AVWW if i get it right in my remembrance.
anyways i don't know what moves are good or wise, i'm just somebody who likes games from developers who are not in THAT big companies like Blizzard / EA ect.[ hopefully a long way until they will catch you  ;D ] , the games fell all the same by them. unfortunately  the little ones will get eaten by the big fishes  in time.

i still don't know if i should resurrect this topic with that W.O.T. [wall of text, not world of tanks] of "broken english" :-[

besides this, i get cooky of that "on" by "on this forum" is it correct or is my intention right it should be"in this forum"? :-S

good morning on the other side of the earth o/

whoa...didn't know this existed...

might get back to you once I learn how you hopefully will re-release avww so buyers burnt out from Diablo III will try it again.

Just noticed this thread. There are still a few days left for the Indie Royale Bundle. Any ideas guys on how we could spread the word about the bundle a bit? Any Let's Players that focus on gaming bargains for example that could be contacted? I've only really been able to post one significant bit of news about the bundle on a bargain hunting site that I like. Spreading the word is tricky...

Yeah, when it comes to bundles that is a tricky thing because it's not "news" in the same way that a new game release is news.  And it's not something that an LPer can showcase like... doing an LP.

There is another email blast coming up from the IndieRoyale folks themselves, and we've gotten some pretty solid press from our end as we went before.  But beyond that I'm at a bit of a loss, because Arcen can't go astroturfing other forums, and we also can't ask you guys to do it.  Or even imply that we want you to, because we really really don't.

The main thing that can be done -- only thing really -- is make any forums that you are already a part of, and which have a thread or subforum related to deals, aware of this deal.  If it's a place specifically for sharing deals, then great -- that's news, not astroturfing.  If it's unsolicited on some other random forum, then as you say that is "tricky."  I would actually go further than that and say it's an outright no-no, but that really depends on your standing in the forum and the type of forum itself.  If you're on there posting all the time and the news is relevant and so forth, then great. 

For instance, I sometimes post about deals on here for people I know, or we tweet about them.  Cool, because it's our forum.  And players post all kinds of things -- deals, kickstarters, whatever -- in the Off Topic forum, because it's typically stuff of interest to this community and so that's great.  It doesn't cross any lines because that's what that subforum is for (talking about whatever), and it actually benefits Arcen because we remain a meeting-place where our community can talk about things unfettered by wondering if they are breaking some kind of taboo about talking about a game not made by us.  And I also like it because I find out about some cool games that I would like that way. ;)  You guys have similar tastes to me, no surprise.

But when another developer comes in and is like "check out our game" on the off topic forum, and that's their first post, that is less than impressive.  I'll admit when AI War was just coming out I went around and did a lot of that.  I'm actually still banned from the Gamespot forums for posting two responses to "what is a good game of this sort" and mentioning my own game with a link.  Boom, insta-ban with no warning.  Anyway, so when I didn't know any better I crossed some lines that I regret now, as well.  So for that reason it doesn't really bother me as much when other new developers come and post about their own games, because I'd be a hypocrite if I did. ;)

Tricky, as you say!


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