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Activision launches indie game competition

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I don't really get into the details so i don't know if you can participate but just leaving here for you to know,


winner gets 175,000 $
75,000 to runner up

Seeing that ai war is like the best indie game ever made and it's great rank in last years competition, i believe ai war can win this for sure(or at least second place, plz don't hate me), and good luck if you enter.

deadline august 31 and winner announced in october

Interesting contest, I'm surprised I had not already heard of this, but it looks like this is for game concepts only, and from reading the rules most any of Arcen's stuff would be disqualified based on having already been publicly displayed, etc.  But thanks for the note!

didn't read rules D: but tidalis maybe? or even alden ridge?

Well, anything that has been distributed is not okay. And they want design docs that I dontreallycare to create in the case of Alden Ridge. The money is great, but I would not want a traditional publication deal with any publisher; that's why I stay away from the 2bee contests, too. I would work with activision or another mainstream publisher, but only as a publisher-after-the-fact as we do with our regional publihers. That lets us keep the creative control, which is important to me. 


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