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Update on Exodus of the Machine timeframe (updated May 1st)

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Oh no, I'm sure he's ready and chomping at the bit to talk about it, he just hasn't because he thinks he shouldn't. He reminds me of my friend, who'll work on a project for a while in secret... and then he's like... okay fine, I'll tell you about it! He just gets so excited about his stuff, and so does Chris. I remember not having any kind of conversation related to any project and he was like 'okay you got some extra information about skyward collapse out of me'. I'm betting he's super excited to talk about it.

Definitely excited, but having two active projects in the hopper at least gives me some outlet to talk about one without spoiling the other. ;)  The other project being the Nihon no Mura expansion.  Bionic is coming along well, but I want to get the art to a certain stage, and the prototype fully functional in gameplay to a certain stage, before we start talking about it much.  I held back until that same point with Skyward, which was useful; before that I was excited about it, but didn't say much at all (amazingly). ;)

Yeah, I figured hanging back on talking about Bionic Dues was mostly actually because of the prototype. You said something about having to build the prototype before you know how well it really works in practice, right? Well, what's the sense getting people excited about something that possibly won't work?
And yes, that is actually really reasonable for an outlet as well. Two projects, and talking about one helps get out your excitement to talk about stuff.

Just a thought, but if SC expansions go well and Bionic Dues hits as good as SC did, then maybe Exodus of the Machine might make a comeback? A strategic turn-based game sounds interesting to me.  :)


Probably not, but you never know.


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