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Update on Exodus of the Machine timeframe (updated May 1st)

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Thank you for the info on 6.0 and A.S. and Glad to hear about Blue, maybe you can catch a break if you aren't having to do everything?  :) (But i thought when you did the art it was fine. Of course maybe you were more tired after all of that plus the coding too.)

But sorry to hear about EotM, hope it gets back on at some point. It sounded very cool! Well, guess its back to SC for me, i haven't been kicked for the last 20 minutes, i'm starting to miss it. :)



--- Quote from: x4000 on May 24, 2013, 03:53:25 pm ---AI War 6.0 and Ancient Shadows were largely done by Eldon Harris (in terms of raw components), and then assembled into actual ships by myself.  We're doing much the same for the next AI War expansion, although this time Blue on our staff is doing the assembling of the assets and then adding her own touches (she's actually a true artist, unlike me).

In terms of Exodus, it's pretty well delayed indefinitely at this point, unfortunately.

--- End quote ---

Nooooooooooo /vader

I really hope you guys can go back to work on this at some point. I was super excited about this game for a lot of reasons.


--- Quote from: Panopticon on May 24, 2013, 06:17:34 pm ---I really hope you guys can go back to work on this at some point. I was super excited about this game for a lot of reasons.

--- End quote ---
We hope to be able to do it at some point too.  But for a number of reasons we decided that the product we could actually deliver (specifically in regards to its production values, given the resources available to us right now) would not find an adequate target audience. 

Skyward Collapse, on the other hand, has found a more-than-adequate target audience :)  It's our first product since AIW to hit an audience in a way that resoundingly (rather than marginally) justified the work necessary to bring it to market, in fact.  So pursuing more full-on strategy-like games is what we're inclining towards more now.  What we'll finally wind up doing is still a "we'll see" thing, though :)

Yeah, congratulations on Skyward Collapse, it's a really well realized game and I'm having a ton of fun with it. Seems like it's getting a good reception too. I certainly hope so, you guys truly deserve to have another breakthrough game.

Just want to throw my support in to the ring as well; if Exodus ever sees the light of day I'll be there day one.  Also wanted to add that the tentative release schedule still has Exodus listed as June 2013 and some fans like me might be awfully disappointed if that stays up there when June rolls around had they not seen this thread  ;D


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