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The return of the quick thought


What if this game could be generated by the save games or codes from AI War games? The different scenarios of AI War would create scenarios for Exodus of the machine...

... And yes, I completely skipped over my quick thought striking back.

Huh, not a bad idea at all.  I'm not sure how it would apply in this case, considering that the designs I've seriously considered didn't involve more than one planet (and the most obvious thing to import from an AIW game would be the galactic wormhole topology, as Exodus was posed as a prequel), but I'll certainly keep that in mind, thanks.

It would probably need to be something where you'd load up AIW, select a save, and click "export to Exodus" or something like that, and it would generate a file specifically for Exodus's use.  Because if Exodus were just reading an AIW save file directly it would need to be updated every time AIW received an update affecting its save format.  Theoretically doable but more pain than necessary.


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