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Tonight's Screenshot: LOS and Sensors and lit Science Bot.

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Yea, active-use commander abilities might be something to explore in an expansion, but keeping them all passive for now is important.

Sorry for barging in with my ideas like that, but i appreciate your listening. You guys are putting it all together now and you would know what you think will put your game in the best place, both in how it looks, and how it plays.

But thanks for at least listening to my crazy ideas, and maybe like you say, it might be something to look at for an expansion.  :)  That would be cool! 

Thanks guys,

p.s.  Hey guys, i was re-reading your post over on the 10 screenshots page and i think that maybe i subconsciously ripped off the idea you already had for the commanders. But maybe as Keith said later that could be expanded. But i just wanted you to know that i didn't mean to re-sell you on something you already had thought of and something i didn't remember i read.  :)

Haha, sometimes I'm such a doofus!  :)

I actually would be all in favor of your commander's image being displayed somewhere on the hud, even if it doesn't do anything.  Maybe at the upper left above the ability bar.  Just a passive reminder that you are playing a person, not a collection of robots, would help my immersion.

Just a random 2 cents.  :)

We'll see if there is room, thanks.


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