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Thoughts from a weekend of playing
« on: October 14, 2013, 03:35:13 PM »
Good game, very fun, but here are some things that I feel could be done to improve it:

  • There's a lot of black/blue/red colors on the mission screen, this combination causes eye strain at a really high rate.  Perhaps the use of a gray for unexplored or just where black is the current default. Because of this I can only play BD for a few hours before I have a headache
  • The inventory management UI is functional but difficult to use when trying to figure out which equipment is junk and should be sold.  That you can't see 'new' tags on equipment on the 'sell' screen is unfortunate.
  • On the equip screen, in addition to showing unequipped items, also show in a separate area items that are equipped by your other suits that could be equiped in this slot
  • The fonts are hard to read, they feel a bit fuzzy and small (and there's plenty of room for them to be bigger)
  • Some of the humor gets old, bots saying the same stuff, tripwires being snarky instead of hinting at what happens if you step on them.  Would be nice if that could be turned off?



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