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Starward Rogue Launches, Arcen and Humble Celebrate with Bionic Dues Free Gift


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We've teamed up with Humble to offer a special free download of Bionic Dues in celebration of our new release, Starward Rogue -- out now on Humble Store and Steam. For the next 24 hours, the Humble Store is carrying both the DRM-free and Steam versions of Bionic Dues on Windows, Mac, and Linux for the price of $0.

Starward Rogue launches today at a discount of 10% off in the Humble Store, and customers who claim their free copy of Bionic Dues will also receive a coupon for an additional 15% off Starward Rogue during its launch week. Here's a quick word about our new game from Arcen's founder Chris Park:

"Starward Rogue is a passion project designed not just by myself but by a team of other hardcore fans of this subgenre. We have several thousand hours in similar games, and we wanted to do something excitingly new without being completely alien. We had a very tight timeline, so as far as the rest of the world is concerned this game is coming out of nowhere. After months of crunch-mode development we're still finding it hard to stop playing after each run, so hopefully you enjoy it as well as we do!"

Humble's free offer on Bionic Dues will end tomorrow (Saturday, January 23) at 10 AM Pacific Time, while the 10% launch discount on both Steam and Humble Store wraps up next Friday, January 29 at the same hour.

About Starward Rogue
Starward Rogue is a new sci-fi, top-down action roguelite. Filled with secret rooms, hundreds of interesting items and enemies, challenging bullet patterns in a SHMUP-inspired style, and more. Features per-run leveling and perks, as well as a meta-progression between runs where you find out more about the story, delve deeper into The Megalith, uncover rare "incredibilities," and experiment with mechs with powers of time control, magnetic dipoles, and more. Five difficulty levels run the gamut from very easy to incredibly hard.


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