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Ah, for the player, sure. But he was asking about targeting enemy subsystems, which we'd never talked about. And honestly I had forgot about the targeting of player subsystems, but I'm in now way opposed to it.

Hey player system damage is cool too!

Is the way switching exos around work similar to something like hero academy where you have a set number of moves for your team and can use them all on one guy, or split them up between your team?

Have not played hero academy, but exactly on the speculation there. You basically have a certain number of action points, and you can use them on any combination of your guys. Switching guys will probably take one ap. Movement generally takes 1 ap, but can be less if you have propulsion system upgrades (it's a float). Attacks often take more than 1 ap, particularly for bigger guns. And things like machine guns take 1 (or whatever) ap per shot, but unload into an enemy multiple rounds at a time at the moment.

Yep, that's basically hero academy style except with an extra cost to switch active heroes.  Sounds good!

I've played Hero Academy.  This is very different :)  The shared AP thing is there but that's about the only point of true similarity.


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