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Hi all,

This is what I get when I launch BD:
Now, usually this means that my Radeon X1300 doesn't have enough memory to run the game, I've seen this before. What makes it a little weird is that I have other Arcen games (AVWW and Tidalis) and they play fine. Same engine I thought, so that's why I bought BD without further hesitation.
My Radeon X1300 has 128Mb on board. Drivers are ancient (it's a Dell laptop mobility chip so updates are not possible) but the stock drivers have worked pretty good so far.
Thoughts welcome, thanks.

Does it keep doing this past the launch screen or does the game freeze at this screen?

Does it do this in fullscreen mode as opposed to windowed mode?

Try lowering your resolution and see if it still does this.

Are you using two monitors or just one? If two, try just one.

Finally, if all else fails, i would make sure that video drivers get uninstalled, restart device, and then reinstall them.

Sorry, my description was incomplete.
I had already tried other resolutions, full screen/windowed, vsync on/off, clean Windows start, driver tweaks etc.
The display stays garbled in-game. When I get to the city map screen it's the same, though in different colors.
The video driver re-install I haven't tried but there's no reason to believe that it will make any difference, as all my other games work fine. Also, diagnostics and Futuremark all detected no problems.
So thanks for the help but I'm giving up on this. I'll save this game for the new PC...

Hey man,

Sorry this is stumping us. The driver reinstall was just a shot in the dark i have seen fix other issues...although i don't know why it does.

Yeah man, a very odd issue. BD is an awesome game, I was hoping you could dive into destroying some bots :(

Dominus Arbitrationis:
I'd suggest you put this on Mantis; someone else may be having a similar issue just not know how to find it. A link to Mantis is in my signature :)


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