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Dominus Arbitrationis:
I have recently been granted the go-ahead to look into making a Bionic Dues expansion, and my current idea is the following: A new building with powerful, but buggy, weapons that you can use. In the building, my plan would be to have it be a kind of Super Lion's Den, so there would be a massive amount of enemies, but killing them wouldn't change the final battle.

So how does that sound to everyone here? Also, feel free to post your bugs so I can take a look at those at the same time.

EDIT: Let me just stress that THIS DOES NOT MEAN A BIONIC DUES EXPANSION WILL HAPPEN, only that we are looking into making one. There are quite a lot of factors that would stop the expansion from coming out, first and foremost being a bad money-to-fun ratio, and second it just not being fun in some way.

Well, provisional go-ahead.  Anyhow, that would be one piece of the larger expansion if we complete one.  As usual, we'll make sure to have a good value-to-money proposition for you guys, or else we won't greenlight the project.

Well, things aren't simple.

If a BD expansion would just pop out of nowhere, sure, I'll be happy. However, from where would it come? Who would make it? How many time would it take? Would SBR and AI War would be delayed for it?

Financially, would it sold well (considering how poorly BD sold, IIRC)? I don't want to sound selfish, but wouldn't an AI War expansion be more profitable, in these times of scarcity for Arcen?

With just one blurry idea, I'm afraid I can't provide my unconditional support to that project.

Well, you would have this buyer, for sure :).
If you are still looking for stuff to do, you could look at multi-tile enemies and additional city maps, both of which were discussed the last time we did a beta round on BD iirc.

Kudos for the (potential) effort!
I would love to look into adding something to BD and the map generator myself, but I won't be able to take on any side projects until fall next year :/.

I would love revisiting Bionic Dues with an expansion, especially if it includes new styles of city maps.  :D


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