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Dominus Arbitrationis:

--- Quote from: Pumpkin on August 20, 2016, 01:33:34 AM ---Good luck with that.  I hope BD's code is less crazy than, say, AI War, for instance. :P

--- End quote ---
Having seen the code for some of the other games, it is most definitely a lot easier to work with, but still a PITA in some parts.

I'm trying to keep the art costs low for this, so a completely new city map is very unlikely (Though fun!), so what ideas are there to help fill out this expansion while still keeping the art cost low? Things like multi-tile enemies I can look into, and a new(ish) interior map generation style are both possible, though the latter only to a certain extent.

The City map would not necessarily need new art I guess, simply using a different graph could go a long way I guess (see AIWar map styles). As far as art is concerned a simple palette swap or hue shift (maybe combined with a simple particle effect like fog or rain) of the existing background image could be a start (similar to what I did for the floor maps linked in my signature). That or gleaning something from the other Arcen games. I could imagine that there are s couple of suitable background images around that would be suitable...

Besides that feel free to refer to my suggestions on Mantis for potential things to add (Endgame-tweaks, DiggleBots, lairing WyvernBots and adjusted scoring, just to name a few) ;).

Another big thing could be the alternate customization/progression mechanic that Keith was toying around with the last time he worked on BD (this was planned to be the next big thing the next time he would get around to doing something for BD - which he unfortunately never got around to).

Do you have a chance to ask him? Otherwise I could rummage around the old forum threads and see what I can dig out...


I'm sure AIW's graph generation algorithm can be used for city graph generation.
Or these. Or I can come up with some new algo if you need something more specific. Just tell me, I'll be glad to help.

Side Note:
I'm jealous. I have so many ideas for AIW expansions and/or MF.

Inconsistency in weapons is really counter intuitive I think in this game. You are given all of the tools to make a decision, having some of your tools be inconsistent would drive me batty or I just wouldn't use them. I don't think that would be sufficient to be the main focus of an expansion. For an expansion, you'd probably want a new mech, a new pilot, some new enemy types, and then something to clean up the UI experience.

I've been giving it a few minutes here and there trying to identify all the reasons I rage quit.

* I'd like to know the number of unopened loot containers on the level, so I can exit early without losing loot.
* I'd like to know how much damage a shot is going to do. The shotgun makes me very sad because I don't have a good idea of how much damage it will do.
* Different color and larger life bars. It's hard to seem them.
* Text and UI scaling ;)
* Better auto-saving so I can "undo" ;)
* Is overload ever useful?


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