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Offline patch location?

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Wacky Willy:
I just bought this off GOG.

I'm backing up my games to disk in preparation for a hard drive wipe/reinstall, but the current GOG installer is about three patches out of date.

Where are the links to the standalone patches so I can update offline?

I'm not sure to precisely understand what you need, but know that all Arcen's games are self-updating/upgrading. However, they require an Internet connection to do so. I'm not sure if the upgrades are available for download before an offline patching. However, maybe you can save the games once self-updated.

Hope that helped.

Wacky Willy:
Well they used to have links to offline patches for AI War, did they delete that part of the site?

I can't tell, I only use the built-in updater. Sorry.

The update zip files are available for direct download, and after you have them you can apply them without an internet connection.

Here's the index:

Which lists, as the most recent:

These are designed to be used by the updater included with the game (though maybe the GOG distribution doesn't have it for some reason, I dunno), so the process of applying them may take a bit of trial and error. I believe this process will work:

1) First, please back up your install, in case something breaks.

2) download all the zip files listed in the index with a version number higher than your current version.

3) starting with the lowest-version-number one, unzip the zip file into your game directory. Make sure that it's unzipped at the right level so it doesn't all get put in a subdirectory, or start spraying stuff that's meant for a subdirectory into the main one.

4) repeat for the other zip files, in order of version number

5) copy Assembly-CSharp.dll from (game directory)/DB/ to (game directory)/Bionic_Data/Managed/ (for windows, if you're using mac or linux there are alternate locations)

6) check to make sure there's nothing else in the DB folder; if there is you might have to copy it somewhere (that folder lets us put something in there once and the updater can copy it as needed for windows/mac/linux versions since they want things in different places)

Anyway, let me know if that works for you. Basically the above procedure is all the updater does :)


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