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--- Quote from: Goekhan on November 01, 2013, 05:31:45 am ---What's on my mind is this:
-Each player (max 4) gets to choose 1-2 exos (2 player: 2-2, 3 player: 1-1-2, 4 player 1-1-1-1).

--- End quote ---

I'm kind of like way AFTER the battle, necromancing... but !

I've read the first 2 pages and glanced over the rest... And it sounds like the main problem is that "one bot" movement tying to everything in the game does not translate well to multiplayer. So... let's find something that does. The only way I see bionic dues with multiplayer is "throw away the whole one switching bot concept".

I would be to have "Singleplayer" mode control 4 (more ?) bots. That requires redoing the entire game, so that'll be more "bionic dues II" than anything else. Having the bots either player controlled, of AI-controlled (assist mode).

For multi-player, the only thing left to do is to just divide the bots as stated above by Goekhan. Keep the missions short enough so a early death does not force a player from being bored to death, or allow a "sub" mode (killed mech becomes a weapon on one of the survivor, he becomes a ghost...), or repair possibilities... basically just checking other team games around would give you the necessary ideas.

Also, this more or less enables PVP as a side effect.

Alex Heartnet:
With the recent addition of the "On Your Toes" game setting perhaps the idea of multiplayer should be re-visited?

"Everyone takes turns simultaneously and has 5 seconds to think fast" is simple and seems like it would flow well.

Yea, the 5-second-rule thing actually came out of thinking how multiplayer would be done.  Perhaps we'll give a try down the road, but for now there are bigger priorities, as I expect getting multiplayer to a fun state will be a protracted effort.


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