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--- Quote from: Gemzo on September 12, 2013, 11:55:56 am ---In my opinion the only intuitive way for multiplayer to work is if every player gets a turn, with enemies being buffed or there being more enemies to compensate.
--- End quote ---
But does that mean that if player 1 moves, and player 2 hasn't done anything, that player 1 cannot do anything until player 2 plays their turn?

That's one of the main problems that led us away from that kind of model.

Which isn't to say that the current model is acceptable, but it is the least disastrous we were able to think of ;)

In a turn based game, would players not expect to have to wait for the other player?

Walking down a hall gets to be muuuurous, trust us. It's absolutely terrible.

Maybe this should be a single player game at release, and add MP in an expansion just to give some more time to figure out how it works.

I was around for the launch of Elemental: War of Magic. That had quite possibly the worst multiplayer support of any game, ever. It would have been an improvement to not have it at all (which is what they did in Fallen Enchantress).

MP is one of those things were not having it at all is preferable to having it not work well.

I tend to agree.  I'd rather it not be there than work poorly.


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