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[Linux] Updater gets stuck?


Hi -
I just installed Bionic Dues on Ubuntu 14.04
(By "installed" I mean I copied the download zip contents to  /opt/games/BionicDues and then made BionicLinux.x86_64 and UDA/ArcenUpdater_Linux.x86_64 executable)

The game runs, but the update installation doesn't seem to work. When choosing the "download and install" option within the game, the updater shows the following output then appears to be stuck:

It looks like 1017 and extract OK but 1008 and do not?
If I kill the updater, I see that and remain in RuntimeData/updates/
If I delete these files and try again, the same thing happens

I re-installed in /home/jimmy/games/BionicDues and it now works fine - I guess it's a permissions issue. Weird that the updates appeared to partially work


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