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Interface suggestions
« on: November 18, 2013, 08:46:16 AM »

Recent player, huge convert.

Few things tend to annoy/detract though:

1) When you mouse over the weapons (I do it all the time to check ranges) the tooltip pops up and covers the screen, usually where you are trying to view. Have a two-stage option, one to lock the tooltip at the top or bottom of the page, and another to turn them off. I like the tooltips, I'd just like them moved out of the way. It's incredibly frustrating to block my view with them.

2) The city map does seem cramped, an extra little bit around the edges to you're not trying to look through the UI would be great (in particular the bootstrap message down the bottom which I had to turn off).

3) When you hack a computer, a little "less subtle" message would be appropriate. The first half-dozen times I did it, I had no idea what happened, except the one time I blew myself up. It took a while till I realised the log up the top told me. A new player might get frustrated (as I did. I was carefully clicking the "ok" to hack the computer and trying to not move anything in case I missed a tooltip..! )

4) Separate combat logs. Might be useful to have an option to separate the damage log from the other messages to create multiple logs. Makes tracking things easier.

5) An option to drop mines behind an Exo. Yep, it frustrated me having to backpedal-and-turn-andbackpedal-and-turn to lay some down a corridor.

That said, this game is cheeky, fun and I'm having a blast. Hope this all helps, and thanks for what is a pretty damned good game.

- McTaff
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