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If you're running Avast (or WindowBlinds) and getting crashes with this game

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We've gotten a fair number of reports from people with frequent crashes with "Fatal Error In GC" error messages, and in most cases it appears to be caused by Avast (specifically Avast 8, apparently).

Here are some threads I've seen discussing the issue, with resolutions that worked for the people involved:
(short story: in Avast, try "Uncheck: Settings -> Toubleshooting -> Enable hardware-assisted virtualization" )

And a quick googling revealed many others for different games, but I figured the above is sufficient.  If some of you are unable to resolve the "Fatal Error In GC" thing this way please let me know so we can do further research.

In short there's nothing we can do if Avast decides to kill our game when it sees it, but we can help you find a way to get Avast to stop doing that :)


Apparently WindowBlinds can cause the game to crash too, and apparently the solution is "Adding it to the exception list for windows that should not get decorated fixed the problem." (thanks to Fraktyl for that)

Colonel J:
I'm using Avast free version and this fix worked for me. However I installed an update to a new 2014 version that was released today I think (I now have version 2014.9.0.2006) and it is giving me big problems - I can't start the game at all now. On start-up the game either locks-up or CTDs at step 3 or step 5 of GameInit with error message 'Fatal Error in GC. Duplicate Handle Failed'.

I've also a couple of times seen the attached error at start-up.

The Troubleshooting options are identical in Avast 2014 and I've definitely got 'Enable hardware-assisted virtualisation' unchecked. In fact it now makes no difference if it's checked or not, same crash.

if it's pertinent...I've tried a fresh install through Steam but that doesn't help. Also 'Verifying Integrity of Game Cache' on Steam always shows a problem with one file which results in a 1.2KB download to fix it. If I then re-verify after the download if says all ok. But it reappears again after another crash at start-up.

I kind of like Avast and til now haven't had any issues in 3 years of use so am a bit reluctant to ditch it, but I might have to unless you have a fix!

Colonel J:
Update - after yet another reboot, the game it now working again.

That's 3rd reboot I've done since Avast got updated and the problem started, so why that has suddenly changed something I don't know. 

Damn cranky AV. If it comes back I'll let you know...

Colonel J:
It's still cranky.

An hour after a posted that last night I got one crash at start-up 'Fatal Error in GC. Duplicate Handle Failed'. Started up the game again, all OK, played for an hour.

Tonight, 5 tries at starting up, every time it hangs with the GC error between step 3 and 10 of GameInit. Left it 5 mins to start typing this, went back, and now it restarted fine...WTF? Can confirm that the Avast virtualisation option is definitely unchecked, I've not touched that since.

Help....Is this Avast, or something else?

Try to disable steam community in game (checkbox on game properties in steam).

I had strange crashes for some time that went going away after disabling the overlay.


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